1st Annual Fall Fantasy Dog Show

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Come out for a day of family fun for all ages! Meet the Mayor and his dog, Cookie! 

The Great Falls Animal Shelter is presenting our 1st Annual Fall Fantasy Dog Show on Saturday, October 27th from 1 pm - 3 pm at F&L Pet Resort.  (Check-in starts at 12:30 pm)

All proceeds go to: The Guardian Angel Fund, to assist our shelter animals in need of emergency veterinary care and assist in the costs of spaying/neutering.

 Registration Fees

Pre-Registration (Now - Oct 26th at 5 pm) $4 per class or $25 for all day
Day of the Event Registration (Check-in Starts at 12:30 pm) $5 per class
Spectators (Vote for Best Up-Coming Contender!) $2 per person or $5 per family

Please view the Class List Descriptions, complete the Registration Form packet and return with payment and all required signatures to the Animal Shelter no later than 5 pm October 26th for the pre-registration discount. If you choose to mail your registration form, it must be postmarked no later than Wednesday, October 24th to receive the pre-registration discount and ensure we receive it before the event.

You may also pick up Registration Form packets at the Civic Center in Room 4 or at the Animal Shelter.

 Class Age Groups

10 & Under 11-17 18 & Older

Please note - anyone under the age of 18 must have a signed waiver (found in the registration packet) in order to compete.


Class List

Musical Sit A fun way to test how quickly your dog listens to the 'sit' command. Played just like musical chairs. The last dog to sit when the music stops is out.
Mini Me Do you and your pet look alike?  Share the same sense of humor?  Starting to wear the same clothes?  Join this class and let's see what the judges say!
Waggiest Tail Does your dog get so excited he/she knocks things over with his/her tail?  Does your dog not have a tail?  Well, he/she is still welcome to show us his/her waggiest butt wiggle!
Best Hair Does your dog have a Mohawk, a fantastic poodle cut, or is he/she just so slick and shiny?  Does your pet enjoy wearing wigs?  No matter what type of hair your pet has everyone is welcome to join in the fun!
Best Biscuit Catcher Does your dog have talent when it comes to eating snacks?  Let's see who can catch the most dog treats.  Even if your dog doesn't catch treats in the air, you can still join in the fun of giving your dog treats!
Opposites Attract/ Seeing Double Are your dogs total opposites?  Or could your dogs be twins?  If you don't have multiple dogs of your own, pair up with someone else at the show.  Let's see who can pair up dogs with the most drastic differences and who has the most similarities!
Costume Classes This should be the most fun of all!  You and your pet can dress however you would like (keep it family friendly).  Here are a few costume ideas:  Scariest, Food, Most Creative, Pirates, Superhero, Western, Best Duo, Dressed for a Date, Royalty, Pop Star and Show Your Nationality Pride.
Best Up-Coming Contender This will be the final class of the day and does not require registration.  All participants who haven't placed in other classes through-out the day will join in this class.  The spectators will vote on the Best Up-Coming Contender, like a People's Choice award.

Please note - all dogs must have a signed waiver (found in the registration packet) in order to compete.


 Other Activities

Keep some pocket change with you because there will be more to do than just show your dog!  Tickets for the below activities may be bought at the concession stand.

Activity Description Price
Concession Menu: Pop, Chips, Cookies, Home-made Dog Treats $1.00 Each
Bandana Table Decorate a bandana for yourself or your pet.  3 different colors to choose from along with fabric markers, stickers, and stamps to decorate with. $1.00 Each
Sketch Artist Have a picture drawn of your pet to take home as a souvenir. $3.00 Each
Photographer Have a photo taken of your pet or you and your pet.  The photographers will have fun props for your pet.  Also available, will be the photos taken during the awards ceremony with the first three placements on a 3 tier podium.

4 x 6
$2 EA

5 x 7
$3 EA

8 x 10
$5 EA


 Rules and Regulations

1. Dogs must be kept on leads at ALL times.
2. Dog owners must clean up after their dogs.  Dog waste bags are available from the Information Point.  There are bins provided around the building.  There is a designated outdoor potty area.
3. The safety of all animals at the event is the responsibility of their owners.
4. Dog owners will be responsible for any damage or harm caused to property, people or other animals  made by their dog(s), the Fall Fantasy Dog Show will not be held responsible.
5. If you have entered your dog(s) into the the fun dog show it is your responsibility to listen for announcements of the class times and start times.  Dog show entry fees are non-refundable.
6. Activity tickets are non-refundable
7. If you find or lose anything, please report to the Information Point.
8. Please Bring Your Own Chair.  Bleacher Seating is Limited.

Thank you in advance to our sponsors:  F & L Pet Resort and Van's IGA.

Here is the link to the Registration Form packet, if you missed it above.

You may also pick up Registration Form packets at the Civic Center in Room 4 or at the Animal Shelter.

For questions or more information, please call Laura McElhinney at 406-564-3685.

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Fall Fantasy Event FlyerMayor Winters and his dog CookieBoss the Boston Terrier as a TriceratopsThe Musical Sit ClassCookie Winters our Certifying OfficialA contestant receiving their medalOur Announcer and Charger the ChihuahuaA dog at the concession standA happy dog and his ownerThe Electric City Pittie CommitteeA pair of Chihuahua's in CostumeBoston 'walking' for his biscuit eating trickSage and her owner dressed up as werewolvesA high school student sketching DonnieThe bandana tableSome of the contestants on the awards podium