2012 Pet and Doll Parade

Shelter Sidekicks at the Pet and Doll Parade

Shelter Sidekicks, Not Just Heroes for Shelter Animals

A group of the Shelter Sidekicks were out lending a helping hand to the pets of the July 26, 2012 Pet and Doll Parade. 

They quenched the thirst of numerous dogs, puppies and even ducks.  The pets also received a dog biscuit snack after their long walk and their humans received temporary tattoos. 

The concern in the welfare of all animals is always in the heart of a Shelter Sidekick - 'Changing lives, one animal at a time!'

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Prepared to Quench the Thirst of all The PetsA little pirate getting a biscuit for his pooch and a tattoo for himselfA dog receiving water from a Shelter SidekickHere are the ducks. Even they liked the dog biscuits!The dog biscuit is almost bigger than this little guyA Shelter Sidekick daughter showing off her 'Opt to Adopt' tattoo