Animal Burial Restrictions

Pursuant to current Montana statutes and rules (MCA 75.5.605; MCA 75.10.212-214; ARM 17.8.604), there are restrictions on the manner in which a deceased animal may be disposed of.

  1. At no time can this animal create a public health hazard or nuisance
  2. Animals may not be burned
  3. Burial restrictions
  • Landowner must possess a minimum of 5 acres
  • May not be in a preapproved subdivision
  • Must maintain a minimum of 4 feet from the bottom of the grave to any ground water
  • Must cover the grave with a minimum of 2 feet of cover
  • Must be 200 yards minimum from any road, street, ally or public recreation property
  • Must be a minimum of 100 feet from any well or surface body of water