Animal Stray List

Dog Reading a Newspaper

A list of stray animals brought to the shelter recently.


If you believe one of these animals may be yours, please stop by the shelter to verify.


* Please note - this is a courtesy listing only, and may not always be current.

Date Found Species      Breed Age      Sex      Color      Location
01/29/15 Dog Beagle/ Chi X Young Adult Male Tan & White 900 Block of 36th Ave NE
01/29/15 Cat x 2 Domestic Short Hair x 2 Adult x 2 Female/ Male Calico/ Orange & White 700 Block of 2nd Ave S
01/28/15 Dog x 2 Cattle Dog Type/ Yorkie X Adult x 2 Male/ Female Tri-Colored/ Black & Tan 600 Block of Pine Ridge Ct
01/27/15 Cat Scottish Fold X Adult Male Grey Tabby 500 Block 12th ST
01/27/15 Cat Domestic Medium Hair Adult   Black & White 1300 Block 7th Ave N
01/21/15 Cat x 2 Domestic Short Hair/ Domestic Medium Hair Adult x 2 /Female Grey & White/ Torti 600 Block of 10th Ave SW
01/21/15 Dog Border Collie X Young Adult Female Black & White 5th ST & 2nd Ave S
01/21/15 Dog Lab X Adult Male Chocolate Vaughn Frontage RD
01/20/15 Dog Hound X Adult Male Tan & White Bootlegger
01/20/15 Dog x 2 Pit X/ Pointer X Adult x 2 Neutered Male/ Female Brindle/ White & Tan 38th & 10th Ave N
01/20/15 Dog Lab Adult Female Black Skyline Vet
01/20/15 Cat Domestic Short Hair Adult   White & Orange Sun Prairie
01/17/15 Cat x 7 Domestic Medium Hair x 3/ Domestic Long Hair x 2/ Siamese X x 2 Adult x 3/ Young Adult x 4   Orange & White & 2/ Black & White/ Calico x 2/ Creme & Black x 2 Sun Prairie
01/17/15 Cat Domestic Short Hair 4 Months   Grey & White Cascade
01/16/15 Cat x 3 Domestic Short Hair/ Domestic Medium Hair x 2 Adult/ 4 Months x 2 /Female Black & White x 2/ Calico Cascade