Annual Reports

City of Great Falls Montana

Great Falls Animal Shelter
Annual Reports – Statistics

The Great Falls Animal Shelter is an open admission municipal animal shelter which serves the residents of Great Falls, Cascade County and surrounding areas.  The Shelter serves an average of 1,985 animals a year.  The Shelter uses many resources throughout the community to aid in the adoption of animals.

Each year the Great Falls Animal Shelter collects data relating to the animals that enter the Shelter. This document provides a snapshot of the past five years of operations.

Please note that the Annual Report includes statistics that are collected on a calendar year basis (January-December). Beginning in July of 2014, the Shelter will begin reporting statistics on a fiscal year basis (July-June), in order to be consistent with our financial reporting methods.

Shelter SnapShot 2009-2013

  • The average annual intake at the Shelter is 1,985.
  • The average number of animals adopted each year is 648.
  • The average number of animals reclaimed (returned to owners) each year is 478.
  • In 2013, 64.7% of the animals entering the Shelter were either returned to their owners or adopted.

Since 2009, the Shelter has seen an on-going increase in redemptions. Each year, the number of redemptions continues to increase. In 2009 the Shelter saw 21% of the animals returned to their owners and in 2013 over 27% were returned to owners; this is a 28% increase in redemptions!

Adoptions were down slightly from 2012 to 2013 (40% to 37%). However, when looking at historical data, adoptions are up over a five year period (17% from 2009 to 2013).

Shelter and Facility Improvement & Changes

This year, the Shelter developed a social media presence on facebook as well as implemented a number of new adoption and educational programs. A foster program was created and staff began working on a new master plan for facility improvements.

Staff implemented a number of improved processes/protocols regarding the cleaning and handling of animals as well as triage improvements. Shelter staff also began transporting animals to vets for spay/neuter services in lieu of charging spay/neuter deposits. The Shelter also began offering payment plans when necessary for redemptions, in order to reduce owner surrenders.

In 2013, a new Shelter manager and veterinarian technician were hired.

The Shelter’s Volunteer Program, the Shelter Sidekicks, continued to provide a valuable service to the Shelter and helped develop and implement special events, promotions and fundraisers. They assisted in walking dogs, education, messaging and creating a positive image in the community.

A number of facility improvements were made this year - HVAC repairs were made to the office area and an improved security system was installed. In the dog kennel area new lighting was installed, noise reduction improvements were made and safety gates were installed. The drains at the Shelter were snaked/cleaned and repairs to the incinerator were made. Outside the Shelter, new landscaping and trees were installed.