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City of Great Falls Montana

Great Falls Animal Shelter
Annual Reports – Statistics

The Great Falls Animal Shelter is an open admission municipal animal shelter which serves the residents of Great Falls, Cascade County and surrounding areas.  The Shelter serves on average 2,166 animals a year and sees a monthly average intake of 191 animals.  The Shelter uses many resources to aid in the adoption of animals.

Each year the Great Falls Animal Shelter collects data relating to the animals that enter the Shelter. The Annual Report Document (and the link below) provides a snapshot of the past five years of operations.

Shelter SnapShot 2008-2012

• The average annual intake at the Shelter is 2,166.

• The average number of animals adopted each year is 690.

• The average number of animals reclaimed (returned to owners) each year is 502.8.

• In 2012, the Animal Shelter helped owners reclaim 26% of its animals and adopted out 40.8% of the animals entering the Shelter.  Over 66% of the Great Falls Animal Shelter animals either found new homes or were returned to their owners.

• In 2012, redemptions were up 15% from the previous calendar year (from 22.6% to 26%).

• Adoptions were up 34.6% in 2012 from the previous calendar year (30.3% to 40.8%).

• In 2012, euthanasia at the Shelter decreased 40.3% from the previous calendar year (from 40% to 23.9%).

• Since 2008, the Great Falls Animal Shelter has seen a 17% increase in redemptions, a 26.3% increase in adoptions and a 37.5% reduction in euthanasia.

• In 2012 a number of improvements and changes were made at the Shelter including facility improvements and the addition of both a Veterinarian Technician and a Volunteer Coordinator as well as the creation of the Volunteer Program (Shelter Sidekicks).

• This year, a number of new adoption promotion programs and off-site adoption events were implemented to encourage the adoption of Shelter animals.