City of Great Falls Animal Related Fees & Services

Dog Adoptions $140
Cat Adoptions $50
Other Small Domestic Animals $25
Small Domestic Birds $5
Spay/Neuter Deposit * $50 Kittens/Cats - $100 Puppies/Dogs

* The Adoption fee for dogs & cats includes spaying/neutering, a microchip, vaccinations, and a nametag.  A Spay/Neuter deposit is required if the animal is too young at the time of adoption to be altered or if the new adoptee selects to take the animal home immediately (before being spayed/neutered).


Administration Fee $12
Triage/Vaccination Fee $20
Rabies Deposit $15
Cost of Care $10 per day
Cost of Care - Court Mandated Cases $15 per day
Court Mandated Euthanasia $50
Veterinary Bills to Owner Variable (based on services rendered)


Surrender Fee $20 per animal or $30 per litter
Nametag $10
Microchip $25
Yearly Animal Registration (Altered) $15
Yearly Animal Registration (Unaltered) $30
Lifetime Animal Registration (Altered Only) $75


Multiple Animal Permit - 6 or Less Animals $40                                        (2 year permit)
Multiple Animal Permit - 7 or More Animals $75                                        (2 year permit)
Multiple Animal Hobby Breeder Permit $150                                       (Annual)
Wild Animal License Certificate $200                                       (Initial Registration)
Wild Animal License Annual Certificate $150                                       (Renewal)
Beehive Owner/ Beekeeper Registration $40                                         (One-Time)
Beehive(s) License $10 per hive                            (Annual)
Commercial Kennels Coordinated through Planning & Community Development


General Cremation (no ashes returned) $48
Segregated Cremation  
     Up to 25 Pounds $68
     26 - 75 Pounds $93
     76 - 200 Pounds $103
Individual Cremation  
     All Weights up to 200 Pounds $150
     *Over 200 Pounds $1.25 per pound
Cremation Processing Fee (added to all cremations except General Cremation) $12

* Cremation Services may not be available for all animals over 200 pounds; owners should inquire at the Great Falls Animal Shelter.