Great Falls Animal Shelter Help Us Grow Project is Underway!

City of Great Falls Montana


We need your help - more importantly, the animals you care about need your help!

The Great Falls Animal Shelter (Shelter) is an open-admission municipal animal shelter, operated by the City of Great Falls and serves the residents of Great Falls, Cascade County and surrounding areas. Our building was built in the 1970s and serves an average of 1,985 animals a year.

HUG Project

Over the past year, City staff at the Shelter began work on the HUG Project (Help Us Grow) to assist in funding and constructing future expansion and improvements at the Shelter. The goal of the HUG Project is to create a healthier and less stressful environment for Shelter pets.  The primary features of this project include a much needed cattery addition, enhancements to our canine area and front office renovations. We know that many of you also support other animal groups in the community, but we believe there is enough love to go around for all our animals.

The Shelter serves approximately 800 cats a year.  You know how desperately they need and deserve additional space. The cattery is the first funding priority of the HUG Project and will be our first construction goal. This is vital for our feline friends, as well as prospective pet owners, our staff, contract veterinarian and volunteers.   As of today, we have received a number of generous donations from our supporters; however, we are still in need of approximately $200,000 in order to complete the cattery by this fall.

The Cattery

The cattery will have its own private entrance, which will be used by cats entering the Shelter, to help reduce the trauma and stress levels of incoming cats. The new design helps isolate the interaction between dogs and cats, reducing the anxiety between animals. The cattery also includes an adoption area, which will include capacity for over 70 cats and kittens in an array of cat condos and kennels and provide a pleasant experience for our cats and prospective pet owners.  There also will be a visitation room where pet owners will have the opportunity to meet and bond with their potential adoptee. The cattery will include a grooming room and triage/exam areas, providing for a much healthier, organized and efficient work environment for our pets, staff, contract veterinarian and volunteers.

Sponsorship Opportunities & Donations

The cattery cannot be completed without your help. There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available from naming rooms in the cattery to providing cat condos, to purchasing equipment. Sponsors will be recognized either directly on the equipment/room being sponsored or on signage and on the Shelter’s website. Please take a look at the enclosed sponsorship form for all opportunities related to this project.  There are other ways to give as well, including cash donations. Those who give over $1,000 will be recognized as a Premier Donor and will be included on a plaque inside the Shelter. If you are interested in helping support the HUG Project, it’s easy to do, and all donations are tax deductible.

Brick Pavers

In addition to sponsorship opportunities, the Shelter is selling brick pavers for $150 and $250. The pavers can be engraved in memory or recognition of a special family member, pet or organization. The pavers will be placed throughout the Shelter property. Please review the enclosed Brick Paver Form or online at for more information.

Will you join others in this community who care enough to provide a humane environment for our animals?  We hope so! Please be assured that your donation will be put to good use to provide for the animals in our community. If you have questions about the HUG Project, please feel free to contact the staff at the Great Falls Animal Shelter, at 454-2276. Thank you for your consideration.

Please make monetary donations payable to:

Great Falls Animal Shelter | C/O HUG Project PO Box 5021 | Great Falls, MT | 59403-5021

Your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. The Great Falls Animal Shelter’s federal tax ID number is 81-6001269. The Shelter is a municipal shelter (governmental agency/unit) and donations are tax deductible under IRS Code Section 170(c).



P.S. Not a cat lover? Don’t worry, if you would like to specifically support the canine area, please designate this on your gift. We appreciate you and thank you in advance for your generous support!  We’ll be kicking off our canine portion of the HUG Project in just a few months.


Is my donation tax deductible? Learn more here.

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