Lost Pets

Senior citizen lady holding her cat

Due to the nature of individuals describing animals differently, the Great Falls Animal Shelter can not guarantee the match up between Lost and Found Reports.  The responsibility must be on the owner to keep visiting the shelter to see if their pet has been found.

We understand that it is a very emotional time when you have lost your loved one. 

  • Call us at (406)454-2276 to file a 'Lost' card.  We need as complete information as possible to help in the match up of any found pets.
  • Do not "wait a few days to see if your pet finds its way home". Call us first.  A concerned citizen may be calling in this moment to file a report on a found animal.  That animal could be yours!  Please do not hang up without leaving a lost report if we don't have your pet in the shelter or any 'Found' reports at the time of your call. Our next phone call at the shelter may be just that person. If you do not leave a report we won't know how to contact you.
  • If you have a current photo of your pet please bring it into the shelter or contact the Shelter if you would rather email the information and photo.  This will aid us in being able to find a match with any of our 'Found' reports. Please remember each individual will describe an animal differently than their owner may.
  • Once you have completed a Lost Report with the shelter, we also suggest posting a lost pet report with the newspaper, your local news station, the Great Falls Lost and Found Pets and the Great Falls Animal Classifieds Facebook pages, and other available websites.  Also consider posting flyers in your surrounding area, placing a 'lost pet' sign in your front yard, and checking with your neighbors.   
  • Please stop by the shelter often and look at all of our animals. We might have your loved one in the shelter already.  We recommend visiting the shelter at least once every 72 hours for dogs, and daily for cats. 
  • When you do find your pet, we strongly suggest micro chipping and placing a collar on him/her with a license or id tag, as well as having your pet spayed/neutered.  Altering helps keep pets closer to home and less likely to try to escape.