Murder at the Juice Joint a Success!

City of Great Falls Montana



DATE:  April 4, 2013
CONTACT: Jennifer Reichelt, Deputy City Manager – 455-8417


GREAT FALLS, Montana – The Great Falls Animal Shelter Volunteers, the Shelter Sidekicks, would like to thank those who attended the first annual Murder Mystery Fundraiser, “Murder at the Juice Joint,” on March 23. This roaring 20’s themed evening of mayhem, murder and the mob raised over $10,000 for a future cattery at the Shelter. The evening itself raised over $1,600 and a donation received from an attendee of over $8,300 from Vanguard Charitable made for one copacetic night!

Over 40 guests attended the first annual Murder Mystery Party. Attendees at the event had the opportunity to be assigned a character for the evening or participate as a guest/witness and help solve the murder of Notorious Nick. All the characters for the event were sold including characters such as Mugsy Malone, Southside Sal, Cindy Butt and Mayor Biggs.

The night was a hit and Cindy Butt the Cigarette Girl (a.k.a Jamie Gormley) said it best when she explained that, “I’m always looking for afun excuse to dress up, especially when it’s a themed event and it’s even better when it’s for a great cause.  Our group had such a blast that we’re already looking forward to attending again next year!”

According to Laura McElhinney, volunteer coordinator, “The event was a huge success and everyone had a great time. It was fun to see guests get into their characters and dress up and the fact that it was for a great cause made it even better. We can’t wait to start planning next year’s 2nd annual Murder Mystery Fundraiser! “

Thank you to those who made the evening a success, including the sponsors and those who donated items for the event and silent auction. A special thank you to the evenings sponsors including Petco, Electric City Conservatory, F&L Pet Resort, Riddle’s Jewelry, Petcetera, Ashley Furniture, Pepsi, Mountain Tire Co., Fox Fine Jewelers and Riverview Pet Boutique. Food and supplies for the evening were provided by Van’s IGA, Jimmy John’s, Papa John’s, Morning Light Coffee and Party America.

No murder mystery party is complete without stellar actors and awards. The victim for the evening (he was murdered!) was Notorious Nick Nemetz played by Kody Nathe and the villain for the night (he was the murderer!) was Chief Cameron played by Bob Cummings.  The awards handed out at the end of the party were:

  • Drama Queen Award – Southside Sal Played by Linda Metzger (best acting)
  • Dressed to Kill Award – Hal Hollywood Played by Todd Keller (best costume)
  • Dressed to Kill Award – Cindy Butts – Played by Jamie Gormley (best costume)
  • Ms. Money Bags – Mugsy Malone Played by Julie Crittendon (most money earned)
  • Mr. Money Bags - Gino Gin Played by Justin Sakalis (most money earned)
  • Smoking Gun  Awards (best detectives):
    • Cy Ramsey Played by L Graham
    • Trixie Played by Amberly Stephens
    • Clark Kent Played by Tim De Roche

Don’t despair if you missed this year’s event, the 2nd Annual Murder Mystery Fundraiser for the Great Falls Animal Shelter is already in the works. For more information about this year’s First Annual Murder Mystery Fundraiser contact Laura McElhinney, volunteer coordinator at 564-3685.



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