Pet Safety this 4th of July

City of Great Falls Montana



DATE:  July 1, 2013
CONTACT: Jennifer Reichelt, 455-8417
  Deputy City Manager


GREAT FALLS, Montana – The 4th of July can be a fun and exciting holiday for many of us, but it can also be stressful and scary for our pets. Loud noises and flashing lights can cause pets a great deal of anxiety. After the 4th of July holiday many animal shelters and animal control agencies across the country see a spike in stray and lost dogs.

The Great Falls Animal Shelter encourages pet owners to keep their pets safe over the holiday. Pets should be left at home during holiday festivities and should always have proper identification on at all times.

If you’ll be going out for the evening or away over the holiday, owners may want to plan ahead when thinking about options for their pet. The Humane Society of the United States Website ( has a lot of valuable information on traveling with pets, choosing a professional sitter and selecting a kennel.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you and your pet have a safe and pleasant holiday:

  • Keep pets indoors - Leave your pet in an area of your home where he or she is safe, comfortable and sheltered from outside noise and lights.
  • Protect property – scared animals tend to be destructive, so remove valuables or anything that may be harmful if chewed or swallowed.
  • Do not leave pets outside alone - During stressful events, animals (just like humans) tend to panic. When animals panic, they try to escape and may end up getting lost or hurt.
  • Proper identification - Make sure that your pet always wears identification. In the event your pet is lost, proper identification assists in the return of your pet.

For more information about pet safety during the 4th of July holiday, please contact the Great Falls Animal Shelter at 454-2276.