Spoil Your Dog Day

Spoil Your Dog

National Spoil Your Dog Day - August 10th

In honor of National Spoil Your Dog Day, all visitors to the Great Falls Animal Shelter will receive a gift for their dog. 

Don't have a dog?  Well, you are in luck.  The Great Falls Animal Shelter has numerous dogs awaiting adoption and our current adoption special, the Diva Days is running through Saturday, August 10th.

Every day is about being a responsible pet owner and being kind to your pet.  This one day is reserved for extra special things like:

  • favorite toys
  • special treats
  • adventures
  • spa day
  • other activities you know your dog loves

The Shelter Staff would like to thank Petco, Petcetra, and Bark Central for sponsoring National Spoil Your Dog Day at the Great Falls Animal Shelter.

Stop by the Great Falls Animal Shelter for your free gift and 'Spoil' your dog!