2012 United Way Volunteer Fair

Dog paw in a hand

The Great Falls Animal Shelter was present at the 2012 United Way Volunteer Fair to recruit for the Shelter Sidekick Volunteer Program.

From the Great Falls Tribune written by Briana Wipf (Tribune Staff Writer):

'For those who prefer the company of animals, Laura McElhinney at the Great Falls Animal Shelter has the perfect opportunity.  The animal shelter currently has about 50 volunteers who walk dogs, but she said that still isn't enough to get every dog out to exercise four times a day.

Often, once volunteers get involved, they start to lend their unique talents to the Animal Shelter.  Volunteers do everything from help raise funds to design pamphlets.'

If interested in volunteering for the Great Falls Animal Shelter please call Laura McElhinney at 564-3685, stop by the Shelter for an application, or visit our Volunteer web page.

Come see what being a Shelter Sidekick is all about....  Changing Lives, One Animal at a Time!

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The Great Falls Animal Shelter Booth at the United Way Volunteer FairBoston a rescued Shelter DogA potential volunteer browsing a animal scrapbook created by a current volunteerOur pile of brochures dwindling during the 3 hour fairThe 1st Annual Fall Fantasy Flyer