Volunteer Project Ideas

Here are some ideas for volunteers to get involved from the comfort of their home.

Homemade Animal Toys

Catnip Toy

Infant Sock
Cotton balls
1 Tablespoon Dried Catnip
Non-toxic Permanent Markers
Non-toxic Fabric Glue


• Stuff the toe of the sock with dried catnip
• Then stuff the toe of the sock with cotton balls
• Squeeze fabric glue on the inside of the sock’s ribbing to glue the sock closed, or knot the top of the sock (easier method).
• Decorate with fabric markers (if desired)

Dog Rope Toy

3 Strips of Fabric (preferably fleece or other non-fray fabric)
- 4” wide by 1 ¼ yard long. (The shorter the fabric the smaller the toy – good for small dogs)
1 Rubber Band


• Tie the 3 strips of fabric together at the top with the rubber band
• Braid the 3 strips down to a few inches before the end. Step on the rubber band or hold it between your knees to get enough tension to braid the fabric tightly.
• Tie a knot at the point where the braid ends. Tie the knot as tightly as possible.
• Tie a knot at the beginning where the rubber band is tied.
• Tie a knot in the middle of the braid. You can tie more than one knot to give the dog plenty to hold on to but the length of the rope will shorten with every knot.
• Cut off the rubber band and trim down the unbraided edges outside of the knots as desired.

Dog Rattle Toy

Empty Prescription Type Bottle
Dry Beans
Fabric scraps or cotton balls
Adult Sock


• Pour some dry beans into the empty bottle.
• Stuff some small fabric scraps or cotton balls into the toe of the sock.
• Place the filled bottle in the sock.
• Pack additional fabric scraps or cotton balls into the sock until it is slightly stuffed.
• Knot the cuff of the sock to secure.

Homemade Adoption Vests

For you talented sewers.

Make a vest for every adoptable dog.  They will wear it while they are out walking.  The vest will go home with them when they find their forever homes.


The cats are always in need of blankets to fit in their cages.  Some of the dogs appreciate the comfort of a blanket as well.