We Need Your Help!

Lanie Needs Your Help

Lanie, a female Shepherd/Cattle Dog type, was abandoned at the Animal Shelter on November 25th in below freezing temperatures. She was found that morning cold, hungry and injured. She was left with only an insufficient dog house, blanket and water bowl that had frozen over. No one knows how long this sweet confused girl was left outside before being found by Shelter Staff.

Lanie was scared, but friendly. Upon further examination from the Shelter contracted Vet, she appears to be in need of a cruciate ligament repair (a ligament in the canine knee) - a surgery estimated to cost anywhere from $1500 - $2000. Without the surgery, Lanie will continue to experience pain and will not have full mobility of her back leg.

To improve Lanie’s quality of life, the Shelter is looking for donations to help cover the cost of her surgery. Lanie will also need a foster home where she can comfortably recover. Recovery is expected to take 6 weeks or more.

For donations, or to complete a Foster Care Application, please contact the Animal Shelter at (406) 454-2276.
Our Guardian Angel program will help as much as possible if we do not reach our goal.  If any extra funds are raised above and beyond the cost of her surgery they will be donated towards the Guardian Angel program to help future Shelter animals in need.