Community Development Council

Resolution 7401 in 1979, and amended by Resolution 8923 in 1998, and again by Resolution 9128 in 2000.

Reviews CDBG funding applications and makes recommendations to the City Commission concerning funding from the City's annual Community Development Block Grant.  Click here to learn more about the CDBG program.

Ten members appointed at-large by the City Commission.


Member Term Expires
Jolene Bach 10/31/2016
Keith Cron 10/31/2015
Vacant 10/31/2015
Steven Pretat 10/31/2016
Dave Fink 10/31/2016
Neil Fortier 10/31/2017
William Raaen 10/31/2017
Dave Sutinen 10/31/2015
Susan McCord 10/31/2015
Harmony Wolfe 10/31/2017













Three year terms.

Meeting Schedule
The CDC meets only in February and March of each year. The group typically meets three or four evenings during those two months. Meetings are always held in the Civic Center and usually begin at 5:30 or 6:00 p.m.

Residency Requirements
Members must live within the city limits. Persons of low and moderate income and disabled citizens or their representatives are encouraged to apply for membership.

For Information on the Board Contact:
Community Development Block Grant Administrator at 455-8407.