Housing Authority Board

Resolution 3077 on May 9, 1938.

An independent authority provides safe, decent, sanitary, and affordable housing for the community's low income residents. Sets policy for the operation and management of public housing properties, HUD, Section 8 program and other affordable housing programs.

Seven GFHA commissioners appointed by the City Commission. Two GFHA commissioners must be residents of the Housing Authority properties, living on the main site, Austin Hall, Sunrise Courts, Yeoman Tynes, Russell, or Holland Court Apartments. A GFHA commissioner may not be a city official (MCA § 7-15-4431). Expertise in the areas of law, architecture, real estate, engineering, finance, clergy or social work is desirable.


Member Term Expires
Jon McCarty 6/30/2016
Joe Boyle 6/30/2020
James (Jim) Weber 6/30/2019
Michael J. McCleary 6/30/2018
Cal Gilbert 6/30/2017
Dan Price (resident member) 6/30/2016
Marquita Ogawa (resident member) 6/30/2016










Five-year term for non-resident members; two-year term for resident members as per state law.

Meeting Schedule and Location
Meets the third Thursday of each month at noon for approximately three hours at the Housing Authority Board room.

Residency Requirements
None stipulated except as noted above for resident commissioners.

For Information on the Board Contact:
Great Falls Housing Authority at 453-4311.