Library Board of Trustees

Ordinance 341 in 1910 as city library. The Board of Trustees were appointed by the authority of MCA § 22-1-308.

Oversees the Library policies and operations including book policies and service to the City, County, and pathfinder Federation of Libraries.

Five members, appointed by the City Commission.


Member Term Expires
Dea Nowell 6/30/2019
Mitch Tropila 6/30/2020
Jane West 6/30/2021
Mary Brinkley 6/30/2017
MaryEllen Kropp 6/30/2018








Five-year terms, but no more than two full terms in succession (MCA § 22-1-308(4)).

Meeting Schedule and Location
Meets the third Tuesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. in the Montana Room of the Library.

Residency Requirements
None stipulated.

For Information on the Board Contact:
Great Falls Public Library at 454-0349.