Park & Recreation Advisory Board

Ordinance 2652 Adopted April 20,1993, OCCGF 2.32.010.

Advises the City Commission and the City Manager on all matters related to the Park and Recreation program in the City of Great Falls.

Seven members, appointed by the City Commission.


Member Term Expires
Erin Madison Granger 12/31/2018
Patrick Carroll 12/31/2017
Shirley Davis 12/31/2018
George Geise 12/31/2018
Lonnie Hill 12/31/2018
June Sprout 12/31/2017
Lynn Ulmer Oatman 12/31/2017



Three-year terms.

Meeting Schedule and Location
Meets on the second Monday of each month at 3 p.m. for approximately two hours in the Conference Room at Park and Recreation.

Residency Requirements
Members must reside within the City. (OCCGF 2.32.030)

For Information on the Board Contact
Park and Recreation Department 406-771-1265