Tourism Business Improvement District Board

Created by Resolution 9806 on December 16, 2008, as authorized by MCA § 7-12-1121.

Governs the TBID and has the powers and duties set out in MCA § 7-12-1121 through 7-12-1133, and any other applicable laws, City ordinances or regulations.

Five to seven trustees appointed by the City Commission.

Current Members:

Member Term Expires
Ryan Carroll June 30, 2019
Scott Arensmeyer June 30, 2019
Scott Shull June 30, 2018
Malissa R. Hollan June 30, 2017
Sandra Thares June 30, 2017
Laurie Price-Manning June 30, 2016
Becky Amaral-Miller June 30, 2016


Four-year term.

Meeting Schedule and Location
The board receives request for funding presentations on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 1pm at the Holiday Inn; Board of Directors meeting the 4th Thursday of each month at 10am at the Holiday Inn.

Residency Requirements
Trustees must be owners of property within the boundaries of the District or their assignee. (MCA § 7-12-1121).

For Information on the Board Contact:
Trustee Chairman Bob Dompier at 268-2790.