Transit District Board

MCA § 7-14-212, the Transit District Board and by Joint Resolution, City of Great Falls Resolution 8677 and Cascade County Resolution 94-92.

Governs the Great Falls Transit District. The Board is responsible for determining an appropriate mill levy, preparing and presenting a budget, and overseeing all aspects of the District, including operations, maintenance, and administration.

Five members — three elected, one appointed by the City Commission and one appointed by the Cascade County Commission.


Member Term Expires
Tim Scott Braulick (City Appointee) November 30, 2018
Laurel Gebo (County Appointee)  November 30, 2016
Ann Marie Meade, Vice Chairperson (Elected)  November 30, 2016
Kenneth E. Johnson (Elected)  November 30, 2014
Carl Donovan, Chairperson (Elected)  November 30, 2016

Four-year terms for appointed members.

Meeting Schedule and Location
Meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the main transit facility, 3905 North Star Boulevard.

Residency Requirements
None stipulated for the appointed members. Elected members as per MCA § 7-14-214.

For Information on the Board Contact:
Great Falls Transit District at 727-0382.