Public Records Request Form

Please fill out this form if you are making a public records/information request. The City Clerk's Office is happy to help you with a records request related to City administration or City governance. For example, public records related to City Commission action/legislation or documents such as agreements/contracts. This records request form is NOT intended for requesting information regarding personal property records, court cases, marriage or divorce records, or birth or death records. See for the appropriate contact information for those records.


Requestor's Contact Information
Records Request

INFORMATION REQUESTED: Please describe the SPECIFIC information you are requesting and any additional information that will help to locate said records (dates, names, legal description of property, etc.). If there is not enough information provided to process request, the request may be denied or delayed due to vagueness.

Depending on the complexity of the request, the City will endeavor to fill requests within 1-10 business days. If the information is in use or unusual circumstances have delayed handling the request, the requester shall be informed of the reason for the delay and of a reasonable timeframe for response.

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Resolution 9913 - FEES/CHARGES

1 Photocopy charge $0.25/page


In addition to the photocopy charge set forth above, an hourly fee will be charged for each hour, or fraction of an hour after 30 minutes of copying/research to fulfill the request (including electronic/non-print records)


3 Copies of Compact Disks (CD) $4.50
4 Copies of Digital Video Disks (DVD) $8.00
5 Other Cities/Towns requesting materials No Charge
6 Other governmental agencies Reciprocal Basis
7 To maintain the integrity and security of City records, an hourly fee will be charged for each hour, or fraction of an hour after 30 minutes, for City staff supervision of requester’s examination of public records $15/hour

Within 10 business days you will be notified when the information requested will be available. Fees will be charged as set forth above, and payment is required before release of the requested information. I approve and agree to pay the fees associated with this request.


Please verify your request by re-entering your name and entering today's date.


Disclaimer: Written communications to and from City employees are subject to Montana’s Right To Know law (Article II, Sec. 9, Montana Constitution) and can be considered a Public Record pursuant to § 2-6-202, MCA, available for public disclosure.

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