City Launches New Phone System

City of Great Falls Montana






DATE:             July 31, 2014

CONTACT:     Jennifer Reichelt, Deputy City Manager - 455-8417





GREAT FALLS, Montana – Today, the City of Great Falls launched a new automated phone system.  Now when a citizen calls the City at 771-1180, they will be greeted with an automated message with menu options helping direct them to the appropriate individual, service or department.  This new system automatically connects all incoming calls to the exact extension desired, without using a live person. However, callers can bypass the automated system at anytime, by direct dialing a department or individual. A full listing of department phone numbers can be found online at; direct dial phone numbers can be found on the City’s main homepage under the key link titled “City Direct Dial Numbers.”

The City’s new ShoreTel phone system utilizes Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), which is an automated calling technology that uses the internet instead of traditional phone lines. Moving to an automated phone system allows the City to handle incoming calls more efficiently and provides the City with the ability to include a professional greeting and/or message that can be updated throughout the year as needed. Other benefits include flexible calling between departments and the efficient handling of multiple incoming calls simultaneously.

When calling the City, callers will be asked to listen to the menu options and then make their menu selection using their keypad. Callers will respond to the voice prompts and be routed to the right extension, or else request a staff directory listing to find the extension number of the person that they want to reach.

Callers may recognize the voice they hear when they call the City as Fire Captain Tom Zaremski, who recorded all the main messages and greetings. The City is reminding residents that 911 should only be used in emergency situations and should not be used to bypass the automated phone system or to be connected to a department.