Emergency Notifications


The 911 Center will soon begin using the CodeRED notification systems instead of Nixle.  More information about CodeRED will be posted soon, but you can get ahead of the game and register for the service now.  Please visit the CodeRED registration page to sign up.

About Nixle

Nixle is the first secure and identity-certified communication service that allows local, county and state law enforcement and government agencies to connect with local residents over cell phone, email and web.

Nixle has been used around the country to help find missing seniors, evacuate flooded areas, and capture dangerous criminals shortly after a crime has happened. The power in the system is also its diversity of content, allowing not only those emergency alerts, but informing residents of road closures, city parades, government meetings, and other “want to know” information.

Residents register by providing their address or an intersection near them, a cell phone number and an email address by which to receive notifications from official agencies. Citizens then choose which messages they receive on which devices. It’s information they know they can TRUST.

Nixle’s Community Information System is free to the city and free to residents who access the notifications by e-mail and online at www.nixle.com. Information received via SMS/test message is received as part of their text messaging plan.

Collected information is NOT sold to third parties nor used for marketing purposes. There is no advertising associated with the Municipal Wire.