News Archive -- Welcome to Our New Website!

Our new and improved City of Great Falls website went live March 2. In October, City staff started working with aHa Consulting to build this beautiful new website for the City of Great Falls.  But, the new site doesn't just have a pretty face. Learn more here.

Easier to Find Information

Upgraded Search

One of the major improvements is the new search engine.  You now have the ability to filter search engine results to more quickly find the information you are looking for.  The search feature also updates much more frequently than the old engine did.

New Menu System

The new site has an improved menu system to allow easier access to hover menu items.  The target areas are larger making it easier to hit the links.

The sub-menus are now horizontally across the top of the section's page.

Resource Center

The Resource Center includes an enhanced forms list and adds lists of Key Documents and Services.  These three lists help users find information they need quickly without having to know which area of the site to look in.

Meeting Information is All in One Place

The navigation for the archives has changed.  You can access all files related to a meeting (since January 1, 2012) through either the Calendar or the Agendas/Minutes.  Both ways allow you to filter by the type of meeting you want to see.  The Calendar event for each meeting brings together its Agenda, Reports, Attachments, and Minutes (when they're ready).  Everything you need to know about that meeting is in one place.

More Content  -- Good Content at that!

We've added lots more good content.  The old Animal Shelter site didn't have much besides a wish list and a link to available pets. Now you can find pet owner resources, information about the services the Shelter provides, volunteer opportunities, and more!

And, it's not just the animal shelter! All the departments have added and updated their site information.

Increased User Interaction

Social Media

All of the pages are now tagged so you can share the information on your favorite social media site.  The departments with Facebook pages will be using this method to update Facebook when they update this website.


The old site had a few RSS feeds; this site has lots of them!  Every department has a feed, and there are feeds for job postings, bids and RFPs, and news as well.

You can also sign up to get email notifications (daily, weekly or monthly) when we update the site. And we'll still be offering email notifications of the City Commission Agenda postings.

Happy Surfing!