Assistant Chief Operations - Ron Scott

Assistant Fire Chief Ron Scott

On Monday, October 26, Ron Scott was appointed as the new Assistant Fire Chief for Great Falls Fire Rescue (GFFR).  Ron has had a long career with GFFR. He started as a firefighter in 1987 and was promoted to Captain in 2000.  Over the past 28 years, Ron has been a valuable member of the team and contributed to the success of the department.

During his tenure, he has managed the department’s respiratory protection program and was in charge of the repair and maintenance of the self contained breathing apparatus.  He has also been a member of the North American Users Advisory Board for ISI Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). 

Ron is a member of the City’s Emergency Medical Advisory Committee and helped develop the first emergency medical dispatch protocol.  His efforts streamlined dispatch protocol to decrease the number of light and siren responses, which helped lower the department’s risk of motor vehicle collisions.

When asked about his new position Ron shared, “I am very excited about transitioning into my new role within the department. I look forward to working with City leadership to continue to meet the challenges facing Great Falls Fire Rescue Fire, including  providing a safe and healthy environment for our citizens to live and raise their families.”

According to Fire Chief Steve Hester, “ I strongly believe Ron is the right person at the right time to take the reins and help us move our organization in a positive direction.  Ron’s focus and intense desire to serve are just what we need. I’m looking forward to working with Ron.” 

Ron has been married to his wife Maureen for 26 years.  They have two children, daughter Ronni and son Austin.