City Unveils New Wildland Fire Prevention Program


DATE: April 10, 2012
CONTACT: Steve Hester, Assistant Fire Chief – 727-8070
Randy McCamley, Fire Chief – 727-8070


Great Falls, Montana – The Great Falls Fire Rescue in cooperation with the Great Falls Public Works Department is unveiling a new program to reduce wildland fires in Cascade County. The Wildland Fire Prevention Program has been developed to increase awareness of vegetation and wildland fires and identify areas and properties that may be at higher risk. The program provides property owners with recommendations on ways to prevent wildland fires from starting and spreading to nearby properties.

Wildland fires have the potential to not only destroy wildlife and vegetation but to also threaten buildings and personal property. As part of the program, property owners are provided useful information which can provide assistance during a fire. Some items that are outlined in the program include having a defendable area around the home/structure so firefighters can safely defend the property, disposing of oily rags, having a fire extinguisher on hand, installing and checking smoke detectors and proper storage of flammable liquids.

According to Steve Hester, Assistant Fire Chief, “It is our hope that this program will educate property owners about the dangers of wildland fires and provide them the necessary tools to protect their loved ones and property. When a wildland fire occurs, it has the potential to not only impact the immediate property, but nearby properties as well. Education and preparation is essential.”

Similar Wildland Fire Prevention Programs have been implemented throughout the State. Montana’s plant life and climate make wildland fires a regular occurrence. Wildland fires rejuvenate the wild vegetation and create habitat for the State’s wildlife. However, civilization and development tend to get in the way during wildland fire events.

Interested in being included in the new Wildland Fire Prevention Program? The program is designed for property owners who are in the Great Falls Fire Rescue jurisdiction. Staff is available to visit, conduct an inspection and make safety recommendations for eligible property owners. To schedule an appointment, contact the Great Falls Fire Rescue at 727-8070.