Emergency Preparedness

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Welcome to the City of Great Falls Emergency Preparedness Web Site. This web site is part of fulfilling our mission, which includes educating the public about emergency preparedness and distributing emergency information. If you would like to arrange an emergency preparedness presentation for your organization; find out what you can do to help prepare for an emergency; or ask a question, please contact the Emergency Management Planner.

We hope you find the emergency preparedness information presented here useful.

Mission of the Emergency Management Planner
Our mission is to save lives, reduce property damage, and protect the environment though the coordination of comprehensive emergency management plans and preparedness education.

Preparedness Responsibilities

  • City of Great Falls: The City of Great Falls uses an all hazards approach to disaster management. Our region is susceptible to a multitude of hazards, not just 3 or 4. Taking an all hazards approach allows the City to prepare for any and all events plausible to our area, strengthening our emergency readiness.
  • Emergency Management Planner: Plans and prepares for emergencies, educates the public about emergency preparedness, coordinates response and recovery, and distributes emergency information within the City of Great Falls, Montana. Emergency Management responsibilities in the City of Great Falls extend beyond the Fire Department to all municipal government departments and staff and works closely with Cascade County DES.
  • Citizens of Great Falls: Emergency Management ultimately extends to each individual citizen in the community and to every business and non-government agency within the City of Great Falls. Preparedness and response capability is a community wide responsibility and it is the City’s policy to foster that philosophy at all levels.