GFFR Mission, Vision, and Goals

Black Eagle Dam on the Missouri River, Great Falls Montana

Mission Statement
Meeting the needs of an ever-changing community by providing them with a prompt, professional, broad based public safety service safeguarding their health and well being and ensuring a safe environment through public education, prevention, mitigation and training.

Vision Statement

"To lead the most indispensable, high performance, high profile fire rescue department possible."
Fire Chief Randy McCamley

One call shopping – they call, we haul, that's all – we deliver.

High Performance:
Trained and equipped to deliver prompt efficient service.

High Profile:
Out in the community being seen and heard taking care of business.

Goals and Objectives
Create a culture where excellence is the only acceptable standard.
Foster an environment of unrestricted thinking where all member's views and ideas are valued. Instill a leadership style which recognizes and rewards risk takers willing to take on traditional and cultural barriers to becoming a 21st century public safety organization.

Community, Department before Self (CDS)
Instill an attitude of community before self within the department. Create an environment among the firefighters which fosters the attitude and commitment of community before personal gain or convenience.

Organize, train, and maintain all department resources to deliver the highest possible level of public safety to the citizens of Great Falls.
Ensure personnel are properly trained and equipped to perform all service delivery aspects to meet or exceed community safety expectations. Emphasis on: fire suppression, pre-hospital emergency medical care, hazardous material mitigation. Responder safety is paramount.

Work together as a cohesive part of the over-all city team to enhance the quality of life for our community.
To identify and address hazardous situations through rigorous code enforcement and aggressive fire safety education and prevention.

To recognize and plan for hazardous situations or events which have the potential of impacting our community.

Explore opportunities to creatively expand the mission of the fire service.
Explore the development of Community Emergency Response Teams.

Expand Mutual Aid Agreement to include Cascade County Rural Fire Departments