Operation Prom-Nite

City of Great Falls Montana


DATE:        March 28, 2012
CONTACT: Steve Hester, Assistant Fire Chief
                 Dwane Sutphin, Fire Division Chief


Great Falls, Montana - High School Proms are an important part of a student’s High School experience. Prom is often an evening full of excitement and special memories. However, Emergency Responders know first-hand that this evening has the potential to end in disaster and become memorable for other reasons if the wrong decisions are made, including under-age drinking and driving.

Operation Prom-Nite is a joint effort between Great Falls Fire Rescue, the Great Falls Police Department, Great Falls Emergency Services ambulance and the Great Falls School District. The event demonstrates the dangerous consequences of under-age drinking and driving and its purpose is to prevent students from making this unwise decision.

According to Assistant Fire Chief Steve Hester, “If this event helps save the life of one student, then it has served its purpose. Our hope is that no one will choose to drink and drive.”

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 29 at 3:15 p.m. at C.M. Russell High School (228 17th Avenue NW) there will be a simulated two-vehicle car crash complete with injured victims. The Fire Department and the Ambulance Service will conduct a mock drill, which will include extrication, disentanglement and treatment of simulated injured students. Operation Prom-Nite is scheduled in the afternoon close to dismissal time, allowing students leaving school to witness the event.

Role players from the Great Falls High School drama team will be utilized as patients and drivers and other local drama personalities will be involved to drive the point home. The local news media is encouraged to be on-scene to help spread the message about Operation Prom-Nite.