Vial of Life

Vial of Life Sticker

The Vial of Life speaks for people when they can’t speak for themselves. The Vial contains important medical information about their medical histories, medications, recent and past hospital visits, doctors, illnesses, previous cardiograms, DNR (do not resuscitate orders) if appropriate, emergency contacts, and anything else that can assist you and the first responders in an emergency.

The kit is simply two UV coated weatherproof decals: one goes on the front door advising all first responders that complete medical information is on the refrigerator door. The second decal is placed on the refrigerator door on a baggie that contains a sheet of information about the person’s medical history, emergency instructions and contact information. It is readily available for the first responders to read and take along with the patient. It saves valuable time and has saved many lives.

The Vial of Life form may be downloaded from the Emergency Preparedness web-site and copied. Both the decals and form can be obtained from:

Fire Station One 105 9th St S. 727-8070
Fire Station Two 731 6th St NW  
Fire Station Three 3325 Central Ave  
Fire Station Four 1800 Fox Farm Rd  
City/County Health Dept. 115 4th St S. 454-6950




For those with Internet access, the online Vial of Life is the best way to use the Vial of Life program: it easily allows you to update your information, and it even expands as needed to accommodate more information or medications, maintaining its format through multiple pages. Visit for more information.