News Archive -- Winter Storm to Impact Montana

Winter Storm to Impact Montana

Weather Service (Great Falls & Glasgow Offices) severe weather brief - 4/5/2012

Overview: A potent spring storm will be moving into Montana tonight. Ahead of it we could see some thunderstorms (not severe) along the Montana/North Dakota border. Rain and Snow will be coming through central Montana into northcentral/northeast Montana tonight and tomorrow. The rain will change to all snow, with the heaviest amounts (~6" or more) from Scobey to Glasgow to Winnett and west of that line. (Graphics with precipitation and snowfall accumulations are in the briefing).

Timing: Rain/Snow tonight with Snow during the day on Friday. Very strong north winds of 25 to 35 gusting to 45 mph will pick up during the morning on Friday and with the snowfall accumulation, create blizzard conditions, mainly in areas north of the Missouri River and along the HiLine towards Havre.

Impacts: The greatest impacts will be to those traveling for the holiday weekend, and newborn livestock less than 24 hours old.

Confidence/Uncertainty: We have a high confidence that the event will occur, and impact the areas currently highlighted, but there is uncertainty in where the final snow/no snow line will be and the total accumulations.

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