2013 Annual Adopted Budget

City of Great Falls 2013 Annual Adopted Budget


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Organizational Chart  1
Mayor and City Commission  2
Policy Making and Adminstrative Officials  3
City Commission Goals and Philosophy  4
City Manager's Transmittal Letter  6
Annual Budget Resolution  8
Budget Development Process  14
Budget Presentation  18
Policy of Reserves and Designations  20
Debt Policy  22
Master Plans  25
Facility Revolving Schedules (FRS)  26
Equipment Revolving Schedule (ERS)  27
Capital Improvement Programs (CIP)  29
Investment Policy  30


Revenue Highlights  41
Revenue by Fund and Type  48
Expense Highlights  51
Expenses by Fund and Type  55
Interfund Transfers  58
Fund Balance  60
Capital Expenditures  63
Five Year Capital Expenduture Summary  66
Capital Improvement Programs  70
Computation of Legal Debt Margin  73
Long Term Debt Schedule  74

Budget By Fund

Types and Descriptions of Funds  79
All Funds Combined  85
Revenues by Fund Type  87
Expenditures by Fund Type  88
General Fund  89
Special Revenue Funds  99
Debt Service Funds  126
Capital Projects Funds  133
Enterprise Funds  138
Internal Service Funds  153

Budget By Department

Department Functions  165
Adminstration Group
Which includes: Mayor/City Commission, Manager, Clerk, City 7, Human Resources, Insurance and Safety, Health and Benefits Animal Shelter Operations, Neighborhood Council Liaison and Miscellaneous Adminstration Funds
Fire Department  178
Fiscal Services
Which includes: Municipal Court, Lighting Districts, Electric Utility, Accounting, Payroll, Utility Customer Service/Billing, Mail, Information Technology, Mapping, , and Miscellaneous Fiscal Services Adminstered Funds
Housing Authority  204
Legal Department  208
Library  212
Park and Recreation
Which includes: Parks Administration, Visitors Center, Park Trust, Natural Resources, Portage Meadows, Golf Courses, Swim Pools, Recreation, Multisports, Mansfield Events Center
Planning and Community Development
Which includes: Planning Operations, CTEP Projects, Historic Preservation, Federal Block Grants, Federal HOME Grants, Building Permits, Licensing/Certificates, and Parking
Police Department
Which includes: Patrol Services, Investigative Services, Support Services, Animal Control, Administrative Services, and Communication Services
Public Works
Which Includes: Street District, Traffic Division, Water Distribution and Purification, Sewer Collections and Treatment, Storm Drain, Sanitation, Central Garage, Engineering, and Public Works Adminstration

 Employee Summary

 Total Full and Part Time Positions 287 
Changes in FTE Counts 289
 Full and Part Time Positions by Department 290
 Ful and Part Time Positions by Fund and Division 291 


 Annual Tax Levy Resolution  295
 Residential Property Tax Computation  299
 Annual Tax Levies  300
 Property Tax Percentage  301
 Statistics  303
 Glossary  311