Welcome to Fiscal Services

Welcome to the Fiscal Services Department of the City of Great Falls! Fiscal Services deals with day to day matters of finance for the City. Whether it's utility billing or running the payroll, Fiscal Services is ready for the challenge. But accounting is not the sum total of Fiscal Services' role in the City.  Information Technology, including computer mapping and addressing, and mail processing are also functions of the Department.

The functional areas are:

  • Operations -- Operations is concerned with Customer Service requests, accounts receivable and cash receipts.
  • Accounting -- The hard core accounting area is responsible for accounts payable, payroll, the general ledger, and financial reporting including the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).
  • Budgeting -- responsible for preparing and monitoring an annual operating budget.
  • Tax Collection, Assessments, Special Districts -- Information about assessments, tax collection and special districts.
  • Cash Investments
  • Mail Processing
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Mapping and Addressing