Utilities Information

Who to Call...

Call Public Works Utility Dispatch at 727-8045 or 727-8390 for the following:

  • Emergency water shut-off's/turn-on's
  • Location of water main and curb boxes
  • No water or low pressure
  • Water main breaks, water flowing
  • Water meter installations, appointments, questions
  • Sewer problems
  • Sewer breaks
  • Storm drain issues
  • Storm water pollution

Call Fiscal Services at 727-7660 for the following:

  • Billing questions
  • Rates
  • New customer
  • Discontinuing service
  • Scheduled Water shut-off's/turn-on's
  • Delinquent payments

Call the Water Plant at 727-1325 for the following:

  • Taste, odor & chemical usage
  • Weekend emergency water shut-off's, breaks and sewer problems