How To Motion The Court

Great Falls Municipal Court will no longer accept written letters.  All correspondence/requests will need to be in the form of a legal document.

Attached is the Motion and the instructions to complete the Legal document.

It is the responsibility of the Defendant to ensure the Court has a current mailing address at all times. The Court will NOT respond to any Motions that do not include a mailing address.


The numbers below correspond with the numbers on the Motion on the following page.

  1. Print your name as the responsible party.
  2. Print your mailing address and phone number.
  3. Print the name of the Plaintiff or Plaintiffs. (In criminal or traffic cases, the Plaintiff is the City of Great Falls)
  4. Print the name of the Defendant or Defendants.
  5. Docket number – the Court will write in the appropriate Docket number. (If left Blank)
  6. Print your name.
  7. State what you are requesting.
  8. State the reason for your request.
    ** You must be specific. Include adequate information for the Judge to consider your motion. Remember that you must have good cause for any request you make.
  9. Fill in the date you are signing your motion.
  10. Sign the motion.
  11. File the original Motion with the Court.