Jury Duty Information

City of Great Falls Montana

Jury duty is not only a privilege and an honor, it is also a civic duty.  Any citizen that has a Montana driver's license, State issued ID, or is a registerd voter can be selected for Jury Duty. If you have received notice for Jury Duty and are not able to participate please complete the AFFIDAVIT TO CLAIM EXCUSE FOR JURY DUTY form (with notary) and mail it to:

Municipal Court
PO Box 5021
Great Falls, MT 59403

You can also come down to the court and fill out the Jury Excusal Form. Excusal is not guaranteed.  The court will call you regarding the status of your request.

To see if there are any trials on the days you have been picked for a Juror please call the Jury line, (406) 771-1716, on the day before the trial to see if the trial has been vacated.