What to Bring to Court

What to bring when you appear in court:

  • Proper Identification (Drivers License, Montana ID)
  • Copy of Citation
  • Appearance Letter or Court Documents
  • Any receipts regarding your case - Bond receipts, cash bail receipts, etc.
  • Any documents which prove compliance with judicial orders and/or sentencing.
  • Money to pay for fines. Note - Personal checks will not be accepted for past due payments.
  • Do not use nicknames or alias; use the same spelling as listed on documents related to the case, and ensure spelling listed on documents is correct - if they are not, advise the court.
  • Provide court with current address.
  • Dress- Appropriate dress is required. No obscene slogans on clothing and no hats. Shirt and shoes required.

          ***Cell Phone use is not permitted at either the cashier window or in the courtroom***

WARNING: If you fail to appear in court as ordered, you may be arrested and punished by jail and/or fine.  Also, failure to appear may result in a suspension of your priviledge to drive.