Our Councils

Great Falls Neighborhood Council Areas

Pursuant to the Charter of the City of Great Falls, Neighborhood Councils were established by Ordinance 2727 in 1997. There are nine separate Council districts throughout Great Falls.

Their purpose is to provide a means for the citizens of Great Falls to actively participate in local government through a formal organization working at the neighborhood level. The Neighborhood Councils provide advice and counsel to the City Commission on a variety of neighborhood issues.

Each Council is comprised of five resident members, elected at the City's general election. The filing period for neighborhood councils shall open the same date as the filing period for mayoral and commission candidates. The filing period for neighborhood council candidates shall close 45 days prior to the general election. Neighborhood council candidates are not subject to primary elections.

Two-year elected terms, in conjunction with the City general election.

Meeting Schedule
Meeting schedules can be obtained from the indivdual council web pages, or by contacting the Neighborhood Council Coordinator at 455-8496.

Residency Requirements
Members must be residents of their designated district and must be registered voters.

For Information on the Neighborhood Councils Contact:
Neighborhood Council Coordinator at 455-8496