2009 Community Transportation Enhancement Program (CTEP) Solicitation for Application

NOTICE: As of May 2010, Congress has not passed a new Federal transportation act that would continue funding of CTEP. Because no new funds have been made available under this Program, the City of Great Falls will not call for applications for new CTEP projects in 2010.

The Community Transportation Enhancement Program (CTEP) program provides federal funds to improve or enhance our community's roadways through the installation of landscaping, acquisition of scenic easements, construction of bicycle paths and sidewalks, preservation of historic buildings, and other related projects and activities.

Eligible Project Categories

  1. Facilities for pedestrians and bicycles;
  2. Safety and educational activities for pedestrians and bicyclists;
  3. Acquisition of scenic easements and historic or scenic sites;
  4. Scenic or historic highway programs, including tourist and welcome center facilities;
  5. Landscaping and other scenic beautification;
  6. Historic preservation;
  7. Rehabilitation and operation of historic transportation buildings, structures or facilities (including historic railroad facilities and canals);
  8. Preservation of abandoned railway corridors including the conversion and use thereof for pedestrian or bicycle trails;
  9. Control and removal of outdoor advertising;
  10. Archaeological planning and research;
  11. Environmental mitigation of water pollution due to highway runoff, or reduction of vehicle-caused wildlife mortality while maintaining habitat connectivity;
  12. Establishment of transportation museums;

This is an ideal funding opportunity for government agencies or non-profit organizations working to develop projects that fit at least one of the twelve eligible project categories. While restrictions apply for use of these funds, any organization is encouraged to submit a proposal for a project on publicly owned property in the City of Great Falls. If an application is submitted by a group other than the property owner, the owner must be an application co-sponsor.

For application forms and Program information, contact Sherry Marshall at:

Great Falls Planning Department
Room 4, Civic Center, P.O. Box 5021
Great Falls, MT 59403
Phone: (406) 455-8429

Applications were due on June 30.