Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program

City of Great Falls Montana

The City of Great Falls has a CDBG Program available through the Planning and Community Development Department which is designed to meet low income housing and community development needs.

Funds for this program are provided through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The City of Great Falls receives CDBG funds on an annual basis, and the amount of funds is determined by a formula set by the federal government. For the current year (Fiscal Year 2015/2016), the City of Great Falls received $715,840 in CDBG funds. 

The City Commission prioritizes the CDBG funding annually based on community need. The 2016/2017 CDBG funding is prioritized as follows:

Category Percentage
Affordable housing 30%
Public facility improvements/handicap accessibility 30%
Public service activities 12.5%
Economic Development 7.5%
Administration 20%

Although a wide variety of activities qualify for CDBG annual grant funding, these funds must be used for eligible activities only. Eligible activities are determined by statutory and regulatory limitations. Examples of eligible activities include projects carried out by non-profit organizations or agencies, such as rehabilitation of private and public buildings, paving streets, and providing public services (for example, child care). Also included are economic development activities such as creating jobs to be filled by low income persons. Keep in mind these examples are a partial listing only of possible eligible activities.

In addition to meeting eligibility requirements, the activity must also conform to a number of programmatic requirements such as environmental clearance standards and labor standards. Applications for CDBG funding are accepted annually, usually during the month of January.

For complete details and program requirements for these grant funds, contact Jolene Wetterau, CDBG/HOME Administrator, at the Planning and Community Development Department, (406) 455-8407. It is important to contact the Planning and Community Development Department prior to completing the application form to help determine project eligibility and to become informed about the long term requirements of CDBG grant funds.

The City provides CDBG funds to a variety of local non-profit agencies to carry out housing and community development activities, including public service and public facility improvement activities.