Downtown Master Plan

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The Downtown Master Plan is a community-wide planning effort to prepare, adopt, and implement the first plan developed specifically for Downtown Great Falls. The Downtown Master Plan focuses on ways to bring people and activity to Downtown Great Falls and strengthen it as the community’s center for commerce, finance, entertainment, and culture. The Downtown Master Plan focuses on four key elements –Livability, Character, Accessibility, and Vitality – and provides a blueprint for future growth and development in Downtown Great Falls.

The Downtown Master Plan was adopted by the Great Falls City Commission on October 4, 2011 as Resolution of Intention 9944 as an attachment to the 2005 City of Great Falls Growth Policy.

Plan Elements

Livability - Livability refers to the enrichment of the physical, social, and personal well being of Downtown residents, employees, and guests. A livable Downtown is welcoming to people of all ages and incomes and provides a friendly and safe environment that encourages social interaction.

Character - Character refers to the preservation and enhancement of the unique history and heritage of Downtown. A downtown with character has the physical elements that create a unique sense of place that distinguishes this area from other parts of the city.

Accessibility - Accessibility refers to the ability of residents, employees, and guests to reach multiple destinations, by multiple modes of transportation, from multiple locations throughout Great Falls in a safe and efficient manner.

Vitality - Vitality refers to Downtowns role as the center of commerce, culture, and community events and year-round, throughout the day and night. A Downtown with vitality has thriving offices, businesses, and restaurants, and is alive with people and activity.

Downtown Boundary - The Downtown Planning Area (Downtown) covers 687.4 acres (1.07 sq. mi.) of the original townsite of Great Falls. Downtown is generally bound by 5th Ave. N. on the north, 5th Ave. S. on the south, 15th St. on the east, and the Missouri River to the west.

View the Downtown Planning Boundary and Sub-Areas in "Supporting Documents" below.

Who led the plan effort?

The development of the Downtown Master Plan was led by the City of Great Falls Planning and Community Development Department with the help of you – the citizens of Great Falls!

What is a Working Group?

Working Groups were formed to develop the content and fill in the framework of each element of the Downtown Master Plan. Through the lens of their respective plan element, Working Groups analyzed current Downtown conditions, identify issues and assets, and developed goals, objectives, and strategies to bridge the gap between current conditions and a shared vision for Downtown Great Falls. Working Group members represented various Downtown organizations and stakeholders and the Working Groups were also open to the public.

What is the Steering Committee?

The Steering Committee provided general guidance throughout the planning process and served as an approval body for the contents of the plan. The Steering Committee was charged with developing a vision for the Downtown Master Plan and developing themes to guide the planning process.