Growth Policy Economic Working Group to Meet on Thursday

City of Great Falls Montana




DATE:  October 23, 2012

CONTACT: Jennifer Reichelt, Deputy City Manager – 455-8417


GREAT FALLS, Montana – The City of Great Falls began updating its Growth Policy this past summer. Citizen input and involvement is a critical component of the process. Residents have been encouraged to participate in the four working groups that are looking at key elements of the plan. The Economic Working Group will be meeting Thursdays, November 1, 8 and 15 from 6-7:30 p.m. in the Planning and Community Development Conference Room (1st floor of the Civic Center, Room 112). The meetings are open to the public. The Economic Working Group will focus on issues related to the local economy, business development and the military.

The public is encouraged to attend these upcoming meetings even if they haven’t attended previous Growth Policy Update meetings. Since August, the Social and Environmental Working Groups have met and provided valuable insight and feedback. The working groups are the perfect place for residents to provide input and share ideas about the future of Great Falls.

The City’s Growth Policy is an official document, formally adopted by the City Commission that helps plan for the community’s future. It recommends a set of goals and strategies intended to manage development and promote the best possible future for Great Falls. It looks beyond current issues and looks to potential problems and opportunities. The document, when adopted, will embody the community’s vision for the next ten years and beyond. 

For more information about the upcoming Economic Working Group Meetings or the Growth Policy Update contact Ida Meehan, Comprehensive Planner, at 455-8428, visit or on