Growth Policy Working Groups

City of Great Falls Montana

Working Groups

Public participation is a critical component of the Growth Policy Update. The document, when adopted, will embody the community’s vision for the next ten years and beyond. Working Groups were established to help develop elements of the plan and gather community input and feedback throughout the process. 

Residents, business owners and other stakeholders were given the opportunity to participate in one of the four working groups. Each working group looked at key elements included in the Growth Policy Update.

The Working Groups kicked off in late August 2012 and included physical, economic, environmental and social elements of the Growth Policy.

Here's a brief descirption of each group:

Social Working Group - topics included population, housing, local services (this includes City provided services as well as not-for-profit services) and health & wellness. This group met August - September 2012.

Environmental Working Group - topics included issues related to natural resources, open spaces, storm water, conservation and environmental health. This group met September - October 2012.

Economic Working Group - topics included economic and business development issues including energy, military and other related base issues. This group met during November 2012.

Physical Working Group -topics included land use, transportation and infrastructure issues. This group met in November and December 2012. .

Staff will hold a follow-up event in the spring of 2013 to offer preliminary recommendations for review in preparation for the adoption process. The planning staff is committed to taking a holistic, innovative, and citizen-based approach in its work. Public hearings will be held int he Spring of 2013 before the Planning Advisory Board and the City Commission.