HOME Investment Partnership Grant (HOME) Program

The City of Great Falls has a HOME Program available through the Planning and Community Development Department which is designed to meet low income housing needs.

Funds for this program are provided through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The City of Great Falls receives HOME funds on an annual basis and the amount of funds is determined by the federal government. For the current year (Fiscal Year 2015/16), the City of Great Falls received $191,170 in HOME funds.

The HOME Program is designed to provide funding to non-profit organizations for affordable housing activities on a city-wide basis. The intent of the program is to expand the supply of decent, safe, sanitary, and affordable housing in the community, primarily for people with very low incomes.

Eligible activities include projects typically undertaken by housing developers, such as homeownership programs, homeowner property rehabilitation, rental housing development, and tenant-based rental assistance. Once again, it should be kept in mind this is only a sampling of possible eligible activities.

Each activity must conform to a number of programmatic regulations, such as providing a 25 percent match, implementing rent limitations for specific time periods, and providing required program documentation. Regardless of the type of housing activity, it must benefit very low income people.

Applications for the HOME program are accepted annually, usually in the month of January.

For complete details and program requirements for these grant funds, contact Jolene Wetterau, CDBG/HOME Administrator, at the Planning and Community Development Department (406) 455-8407.