Case Detectives

The Investigative Services Bureau is primarily responsible for conducting major case investigations (i.e. homicides, burglaries, robberies and other follow-up investigations). There are five case detectives. Officers assigned to this Bureau should be highly motivated, have good communication skills, and be able to work under minimal supervision. Listed below are the general duties:

  • Investigate reported crimes and perform the necessary follow-up
  • Be able to take oral and written statements from victims, suspects, and witnesses
  • Prepare written police reports and other required documentation
  • Testify in court for prosecution purposes
  • Request arrest and search warrants as needed


Det. Perkins  (406) 455-8520
Det. Hedges  (406) 455-8519
Det. Smith    (406) 455-8409
Det. Burrow  (406) 455-8505

Det. Mahlum (406) 455-8525