Detective Sergeants

City of Great Falls Montana

Within the Investigative Services Bureau, there are three sergeant positions. One is assigned to the Russell Country Drug Task Force with specific duties related to that type of enforcement.  The remaining two detective sergeants are responsible for the following duties for General Case Detectives, Special Victim Unit, and School Recource Officers:

  • Supervise investigations of alleged crimes to ensure that thorough and comprehensive investigations are performed
  • Check and approve reports prepared by detectives to ensure that each report meets the requirements for arrest and prosecution
  • Make case assignments and uses case management tracking to ensure all cases are completed in a timely manner
  • Assist with performing internal investigations and criminal related investigations as required
  • Responsible for ensuring that each detective receives applicable training to perform his or her investigations to a professional standard
  • Represent the department at community meetings as required, which include Crime Stoppers, Critical Incident Stress Management and Fetal Infant Child Mortality Review Teams
  • Keep the Lieutenant informed of any developments that he may need to coordinate the overall functioning of the bureau and department
  • Perform other duties and assumes other responsibilities as apparent or assigned

Phone Sgt. Brooks at: (406) 455-8493
Phone Sgt. Otto at:     (406) 455-8547

Russell Country Drug Task Force: (406) 452-5818