Frequently Asked Questions

Location Information

Where is the Great Falls Police Department?
The Great Falls Police Department located at 112 First Street South, next to the Civic Center. The phone number is (406) 727-7688.

Where is Municipal (City) Court?
Municipal Court is in the basement of the Civic Center, #2 Park Drive South.

Where is the Juvenile Detention Center?
1600 26th Street South

Where is Justice Court?
415 2nd Avenue North

Where is the Cascade County Sheriff's Office?
3800 Ulm North Frontage Road - Airport exit from I-15

Where is the jail (Cascade County Detention Center)?
3800 Ulm North Frontage Road - Airport exit from I-15

Animal Control Information

How can I find out about animal registration Fees and animal city ordinances?
See the Animal Shelter's Pet Owner Resources Page

Where is the Animal Shelter?
The Animal Shelter is located at 1010 25th Ave. NE

Does my dog/cat need to be vaccinated?
Yes. All dogs and cats over the age of six (6) months need to have current vaccinations.

Does my dog/cat need to be licensed?
Dogs and cats over six months old must be registered/licenced. To obtain a licence, the owner must complete the registration paperwork, pay the annual fee, and provide proof of vaccination. The owner must be over 18 years of age or have a parent/guardian as the responsible co-owner. Licenses may be obtained through a local vet or the Animal Shelter.

Does my dog/cat need to be on a leash?
Dogs yes, cats are not required to be on a leash, but they must be confined to the owner's property or be under the physical control of the owner . It is illegal to let pets run at large. Dogs not confined to an enclosure must be on a leash. The leash cannot be longer than 10 feet, and it must be securly fastened or held.

Police Information & Records

How can I get a copy of an accident report?
If the accident resulted in a fatality, the report will not be released without a subpoena. Otherwise, you may obtain a copy of an accident report if you were involved in the accident or you are the insurer of one of the involved parties by contacting the City Attorney's Office.

How can I get a copy of my criminal record?
Criminal records must be requested through the State of Montana; call (406) 444-3625.

A simple "arrest check" involving only GFPD arrests will be provided at the GFPD front counter with a photo ID.

How can I get info on my driving record?
This is done through the mail, to the State of Montana, Motor Vehicle Division, PO Box 201430, Helena, MT 59620-1430; you must enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a $4.00 processing fee.

How can I get a copy of a police report?
An individual must contact the prosecuting attorney's office and request a copy; it is at the prosecutor's discretion as to what is released when and to whom.

Vehicle Related Information

How do I report an abandoned car?
Call the Police Department at (406) 727-7688, Option #5 and make a report to Dispatch. The Junk & Abandoned Vehicle Abatement (JAVA) Unit will be dispatched to check and possibly tag the vehicle as abandoned.

What do I do about an abandoned car that has a sticker on it for a long time but has not been removed?
If a vehicle has been tagged as abandoned, the owner has 5 days to move the vehicle, or it can be towed. Towing only occurs after proper notice and waiting periods have been satisfied. Call the GFPD Volunteer Corps at (406) 455-8408 for follow-up to abandoned vehicles.

How do I find out if my car was towed?
Contact the Records Bureau of the Cascade County 911 Center at 771-1180.

What can be done about illegally parked vehicles?
Contact Dispatch at (406) 727-7688, Option #5. If the vehicle is a safety or traffic hazard, it may be towed.

What is the noise limit for car stereos?
If the someone standing 50 feet from the vehicle can hear or feel vibrations from a car's sound equipment, the owner is in violation of the car stereo noise ordinance.

How do I get my vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) verified?
The Police Department does VIN inspections on Wednesdays from 11 am to 3 pm. The Drivers License Office, 916 13th Avenue South, does inspections daily.

Miscellaneous Information

What are the curfew hours?
Curfew applies to people under the age of 18. Curfew starts at 11 pm Sunday through Thursday and ends at 6 am the following day. Weekend curfew hours are from 12:01 - 6:00 am Saturday and Sunday. People subject to the curfew should not be out during curfew hours unless accompanied by a responsible adult -- parent/guardian or someone approved by the parent/guardian.

How do I report a crime?
If it is an emergency situation, call 9-1-1 to report the incident. If it is a non-emergency, call the non-emergency number to the Police Department, (406) 727-7688, or use Crime Reporting Online.

Whom can I call to report graffiti to and get it removed?
Contact the Police Department at (406) 727-7688, Option #5 in order to report the incident. It is the property owner's responsibility to remove the graffiti.

Can I get an internship with the Great Falls Police Department?
Internships are generally set up through universities which oversee internships for their criminal justice students. The university will initiate the process with the GFPD. 

How can I become a Great Falls police officer?
View the hiring information. You can also contact Human Resources at the Civic Center for an application.

How can I volunteer my time to help the Great Falls Police Department?
Contact the GFPD Volunteer Coordinator at (406) 455-8408. You can also visit the GFPD Volunteer Corps page.

Has the Great Falls Police Department found my lost or stolen bicycle? 
Please call the Evidence and Property Technician at (406) 455-8537.

When is the police bike viewing? When is the police auction?
There is no longer a local police auction. Generally, items are auctioned online at

Where can I be fingerprinted?
Fingerprints can be taken at the Police Department. Prior arrangements should be made with Toni at (406) 455-8506.

How do I find out if a person is a registered sex offender?
A sex offender book is available at the front counter at the Police Department. You can also check the Montana State Sex Offender Registry online.

Where can I obtain information on domestic violence or other victim assistance?
Contact the Victim Witness Assistance Services (VWAS) office at (406) 315-1111.

How can commend or complain about a Great Falls Police Department employee?
Call the Police Department at (406) 727-7688 and request to speak with a supervisor.

Where can I obtain crime statistics or crime prevention information?
Contact the Community Policing Sergeant at (406) 455-8522.

Whom do I call to talk to a group about crime related issues?
If you are interested in issues that are occurring with in your neighborhood, it is good idea to attend the Neighborhood Council meetings in your area. If you would like a crime prevention presentation, contact the Community Policing Sergeant at (406) 455-8522.

What is the Great Falls Police Protective Association (GFPPA)?
The GFPPA is an association made up of sworn officers of the Police Department. The GFPPA sponsors youth teams and performs community fundraisers throughout the year. The GFPPA also represents the sworn officers during contract negotiations with the City of Great Falls.

How many False Alarms am I allowed per calendar year?
Per City Ordinance, only six false alarms are allowed in a calendar year. The seventh and subsequent false alarms can result in a citation being issued and/or fines.