Good Neighbors Can Fight Crime

  • Get to know your neighbors. Areas of low crime are areas where neighbors interact frequently.
  • Keep an eye on your neighbors' children and ask them to keep an eye on yours.
  • Join or start a Neighborhood Watch.
  • If your neighbor is on vacation, make arrangements with your neighbor to have their mail and newspaper picked up.
  • Keep each other alert and informed. A neighbor's garage door left open, keys left in a car, someone snooping around homes with no apparent reason, a stranger stopping to talk to a child or senior citizen are all opportunities for a crime to happen.
  • Visit a neighbor who has been a victim, be supportive, offer help with babysitting, getting to court and locating victim assistance services.
  • Make sure neighborhood teens have something constructive to do and some place to go.
  • Make sure your neighborhood is as "crime proof" as your home. Notify police of any vandalism, suspicious activity or strangers lurking in alleys or on street corners. Organize a campaign to clear debris and brush; large bushes can hide predators in parks and wooded areas. Enlist teens and kids to help. Report abandoned vehicles and broken street lights, and repair broken windows. Crime-attractive areas should be cleared of litter as well as mattresses, appliances and other large discarded items. Vacant and deteriorating houses and outbuildings attract vandals, gangs and street people. Turn a vacant lot into a community garden or play area for kids.