Identifying Sexual and Violent Offender (SVOR) Residences

SVOR Sample Search results



Following are step by step instructions to identify the residences of Sexual and Violent Offender (SVOR) residences within the state. Searches may be by name, city, county, or within a certain distance of a particular address, such as your own home:


  1. Start at the following website:
  2. Choose the left side of the screen to search by a specific name or address of offender, or the right side to search within a certain distance of a particular address, such as from your own home address (see Image #1 below)
  3. Fill in the necessary info, including which radius (1 mile, 5 miles, 10 miles) to search, and what type of offender to search for
  4. After clicking "Search," a map will be generated; this can be zoomed in and out, and pausing over a pin on the map will display more info, including the offender's name and address; clicking on the name will bring up even more info, usually including a photo of the offender
  5. Below the map will be a listing of the addresses and offenders shown on the map, plus transient offenders (see Image #2 below)

We hope that you will use this system to help protect yourself and children from inadvertent contact with these offenders.

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SVOR Sample Search ScreenSVOR Sample Search results