K-9 Units

The Great Falls Police Department K-9 Unit is comprised of two K-9 teams: K-9 "Hondo" with MPO John Green, and K-9 "Oakley" with MPO Katie Cunningham. Both dogs hail from Europe and were trained in the United States at Southern Police Canine Inc. (SPCI) in North Carolina.

The K-9s are assigned to patrol teams. Each are subject to call-out on demand. They are proficient in the fields of narcotics detection and criminal apprehension. Since their addition to the force in 2004, the K-9 teams have proven to be a valuable resource to the citizens of Great Falls and the officers of the Great Falls Police Department.

For questions, comments, or to make donations to the Great Falls K-9 Unit, contact MPO Green or MPO Cunningham at (406) 727-7688 or contact the Special Projects Office at (406) 455-8523.

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MPO Cunningham with Oakley