K-9 Dog Unit

K-9's with their handlers

The Great Falls Police Department K-9 Unit is comprised of three K-9 teams. K-9 "Rhingo" with SPO John Green is a 7 year old Dutch Shepherd, 2 year old Dutch Shepherd "Shep" and handler SPO Clint Houston and K-9 "Oakley" 18 month old Dutch Shepherd with Handler SPO Katie Cunningham. All three dogs hail from Europe and were trained in the United States at Southern Police Canine Inc. (SPCI) in North Carolina.

The K-9s are assigned to patrol teams. Each are subject to call-out on demand. They are proficient in the fields of narcotics detection and criminal apprehension. Since their addition to the force in 2004, the K-9 teams have proven to be a valuable resource to the citizens of Great Falls and the officers of the Great Falls Police Department.

For questions, comments, or to make donations to the Great Falls K-9 Unit, contact SPO Green, SPO Houston or SPO Cunningham at (406) 771-1180 or contact the Special Projects office.

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SPO Green with RhingoSPO Houston with ShepSPO Cunningham with Oakley